Geneva WM CIO on why he raised equity exposure but underweights USA

Geneva WM CIO on why he raised equity exposure but underweights USA

Innovative financial education by Michel Girardin – April 2019

Finance's menagerie (in French)


Change of name From March 18, 2019, Gadd Infinum SA... View Article

Michel Girardin’s Interview in RTS – October 2017

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GADD Infinum is moving to new offices in Rue de Lausanne 20 bis, 1201 Geneva

Michel Girardin’s Interview in l’AGEFI – February 2017

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Michel Girardin (Independent consultant Macro Strategist) AGEFI’s talk

TINA, the next hurricane for financial markets?

Michel Girardin (Independent consultant Macro Strategist) AGEFI’s talk

"Will Trumponomics Boost US Growth? "

WealthGram – N°55 August 2016

Portrait of GADD INFINUM by Andrea Manghi

GADD INFINUM was born from the merger of Gadd & Cie and Infinum Partners

Having successfully completed their merger process started end 2015 and... View Article

Indices L’AGEFI – Septembre 2015

How a reconciliation becomes an opportunity...

The 25th anniversary of Gadd Geneva

On 9th October 2014 Gadd & Cie celebrated its 25th... View Article

20 August 2014 GADD gets a new look

For its 25th anniversary, GADD gets a new look. New... View Article

Ten years of presence in Luxembourg

On June 25, our company Gadd & Cie Luxembourg SA... View Article


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